About ThaiBMA

ThaiBMA Listing Requirement

Qualification of Registered Bonds 

The Thai BMA accepts the registration of all types of debt securities issued by government and corporate sectors. Both Public Offerings (P/O) and Private Placements (P/P) issues are registered with it. Debt securities are registered as government or corporate debt securities, which have the following characteristics:
1. Government debt securities are automatically registered once the auction process in the primary market is complete. These securities are comprised:
  • Government bonds
  • State enterprise bonds (Guaranteed and non-guaranteed by the Ministry of Finance -MoF)
  • Bank of Thailand bonds (BoT bonds)
  • Financial Institutional Development Fund Bonds (FIDF bonds)
  • Property Loan Management Organization Bonds (PLMO bonds)
  • Other government related bonds
2. Corporate debt securities are registered by issuers and dealer-members. Such securities must follow regulations under SEC Act B.E. 2535 (1992), have a minimum nominal value of Bt 100 million and meet standards specified by the Thai BMA. Corporate debt securities are currently categorized as follows
  • Straight bonds
  • Floating Rate Notes (FRN)
  • Convertible bonds
  • Amortizing bonds
  • Securitized bonds

Registering Procedures 

1. Those who would like to register debt securities at Thai BMA must be issuers together with Thai BMA dealer-members. The following documents are required :
  • An application form as specified by the Thai BMA
  • A copy of the SEC statement authorizing the issue of the debt securities.
  • Two copies of the prospectus or information memorandum for the debt security.
2. An applicant is obliged to report any updated information on the registered issues to Thai BMA throughout the registering period. An issuer is required to submit financial statements of the company to Thai BMA every six months.
3. Government bonds, state enterprise bonds, BoT bonds, and FIDF bonds are registered automatically without having to submit an application.

Registration Standard Requirements 

Closing Book Date

1. If the interest payment period is equal to or greater than 3 months, the register of debenture holders will be closed for a period of of 14 days prior to the interest payment date and the redemption date.
2. If the interest payment period is less than 3 months, the register of debenture holders will be closed for a period of of 10 days prior to the interest payment date and the redemption date.
  • The closing book time is 12.00 am of that closing book date. In case the closing book date is a bank holiday, the closing date will be on the next following bank business day.
  • The above closing book date requirement is applied for neither the prior redemption nor other debentures specifically set by SEC or BoT regulations.
Interest Payment Date

1. The interest payment will be made on the same date of every year. In the event of the in interest period date is a bank holiday, the interest will be paid on the next following business day, provided that the interest calculated will not be adjusted.
2. The last interest payment will be made on the maturity date. If the maturity date is a bank holiday, the payment will be made on the next following business day and the additional interest will be calculated on a daily basis-the actual number of days for each interest period divided by 365.
The above interest payment date requirement is not applied for government bonds, state owned enterprise bonds, Bank of Thailand Bonds, Financial Institution Development Fund Bonds and registered bonds transferred from the Bond Dealers Club.

Thai BMA Registering Fees 

Effective 1 February 2000 registration fees for bonds in the Thai BMA are as follows:
  • Application fee Bt 20,000
  • Upfront fee 0.01 % of issue size but not exceeding Bt 350,000
  • Maintenance fee per year (paid in advance and not exceeding Bt 100,000 per year)
During the period < = 5 Years Bt 10,000+0.001% of issue size
During the period > 5 Years Bt 10,000+0.0005% of issue size
The above fees are not applied to government debt securities and corporate debt securities registered with the Thai BMA before 5 March 1999.
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